Our Mission

At Cannabe Life we work with the best Colorado Hemp Growers in the world. Our growers are committed to sustainable farming techniques which are critical in growing high quality, high phytocannabinoid hemp free of disease, mold, pest damage, and nutrient deficiencies. Cannabe Life products contain over 92% organic ingredients. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality CBD product to the public.

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Platinum CBD Tincture 1oz

Platinum CBD Tincture 1oz

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Relaxing Salve

Relaxing Salve

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How is our CBD different?


With our Platinum Line we use full spectrum biotage, which has a minimum of 96% active CBD, but also contains small amounts of other cannabinoids like CBG and CBD-A. With full spectrum products you have the advantage of the "Entourage Effect". This occurs when there are more cannabinoids present working together in synergy.


Cannabe Life products contain over 92% organic ingredients. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality CBD product to the public.


There is no disease out there that is not known to come without pain or inflammation. The reason that cannabis can be so beneficial in the treatment of pain is in the way that the active pharmacological components of the cannabis plant mimic an internal chemical harm reduction system. This is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This helps keep our system in balance. The ECS is controlled by chemicals that our body produces called endocannabinoids. Simply stated, when conditions go bad within the body, the body gets to work. It works hard to keep itself in balance. When there aren’t enough “workers,” the job cannot get done and the body may need some outside help. When the body gets out of whack (whether it is related to stress or another unbalancing factor) endocannabinoids go to work and take care of the problem. The active elements in the cannabis plant mimic endocannabinoid and can be effective in helping the body manage the crisis and restore itself when the body’s own resources aren’t able to do it on their own.


  • Chuck C.

    I have chronic knee pain. Normally I take synthetic pain killers. I am using Cannabe Life CBD now, and I am grateful that I find safe alternative for pain. It really works.

  • Kyle K.

    I suffer with Insomnia. I used to treat it with prescribed medication. After using Cannabe Life 1500 mg CBD tincture before i go to sleep, I have been able to stop taking the medication. I sleep great now using Cannabe Life CBD. It is truly amazing. It is the first thing I pack when I travel.

  • John O.

    I was introduced to Cannabe Life CBD 2 months ago. I take some in the morning, and at night. It helps me with my pain, and I sleep great. I am believer.